Welcome to Nightshades Clothing. We specialise in goth, steampunk, punk and alternative clothing for big boys and curvy girls. 

Hi folks! Welcome, come on in, have a look around- I'm still working on the website as I spend so much time behind the sewing machines If you're really impatient, jump on over to our facebook page. Or you could visit us in our ebay shennanigins under the name: Nightshades_Clothing Please note- if you click on the small product photo's you will get a much larger pop-up photo- just thought you ought to know, following some recent comments. Hope to be seeing you again soon sometime. Kerry xxx .... dancing in stilletoes in the snow.....

Other stuff you may want to know...

Most of our merchandise is made in house in our workshop. We make clothing in ANY size. We can and will make you clothing if you are a size 8 or a size 36... or any in-between. We tend to carry a lot of sizes in the 20-28 as that's our main size range, but don't let that put you off.

There aren't any size options on the shopping cart on purpose, as the boxes would be off the page.

Just let us know the size, length or your measurements and we'll take it from there.


We don't wholesale to other shops or retailers. We have premises in Doncaster which consists of a small private shop and large workshop in an office block on an industrial estate. It's not a town centre "shop", (although it is less than a mile from Doncaster train station and has plenty of free parking outside the shop), I am open by appointment only (which means I don't get into work early, but will make sure I am there when you want to come visit me).


Contact me via email :


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