Who? What? Why? Where? How?


 Me (Kerry- I'm the silly one, who hates mornings) and my Mum (Carol), and my hubby (Andy). Sometimes we have helpers at events.



 Goffikkk clothing, Steampunk stuffs, and all kinds of other exciting fancy stuff in many, many sizes: mostly bigger sizes from (UK dress) size 18 upwards



 'cos we can... and 'cos I couldn't find any clothing I wanted to wear in my size without being ripped off at the  time. Fed up of leaving goth markets in tears (yes, I cry), I decided it was time to do something about it. Now,  I make other people cry- although that is usually in happiness when they see my size ranges- not 'cos I shout at them (you have to pay extra for that). 



Making most of it in the workshop (when we're feeling posh and it's tidy we call it the studio), selling it in the shop joined on- it's the bit with windows in at the front.  We're based in Hexthorpe, Doncaster on the Trading Estate about 2 miles off the A1 at junction 36.  

We also trade at Whitby Gothic Weekend (April and October/November near the bar in the Spa/Pavillion), Leeds Steampunk Market (March and October) and Lincoln Asylum in September. We've also traded at Midlands Goth Fest, Bristol Goth fest and smaller Steampunk events around the Yorkshire/Derbyshire area



We sell via this lovely website, on Etsy, Ebay and also by tempting you on facebook on a daily basis ('cos its easier and faster to upload than anywhere else, and 'cos I love facebook).  

If you want to and you're in the area, you can come visit for a cuppa... when I get really good with this website updating, I'll add in a link to Google maps and it'll show you where we are. In the mean time, contact me and I'll send you directions. Use the official postcode at your peril 'cos it doesn't bring you to us with a sat-nav.

You can purchase Nightshades goods using Paypal (the shopping cart hooks up to Paypal on this website), cheques (if you absolutely have to- clearing cheques causes delays in you getting your goods), and good old, cold-hard-CASH... or puppies. I like puppies too- although Andy probably won't be impressed.