Perhaps the most versatile skirt in the goth fashion stakes. Wear it as a skirt on its own, or as an underskirt to create volume. Can be tucked under a corset at the front to give a burlesque look, or even the top layer can be pinned at the back to give a cascading bustle.


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Black Petticoat

Basic 3 layer black petticoat.  Great for wearing on it's own or underneath another skirt to give it some oomph.

Please order either by your dress size or waist size. These petticoats can also be made to your custom length.

One layer of black lining fabric, 2 layers of tiered tulle, each consisting of 5 tiers making each tulle layer.


(... and no poking fun of the goth-awful photo either!)


NOTE:  these petticoats are all handmade by me now, and can be custom made in any colour- if I can get hold of the fabric, or any combination of colours!  I can make longer or shorter versions for tall and not so tall people... and from a UK dress size 8-36 (can make others too), so size isn't an issue either.

(+ postage: £5.80)

Long Chocolate Steampunk petticoat

Rich chocolate brown tulle petticoat trimmed with ivory one inch lace on the top layer.

2 layers of tiered chocolate tulle, one layer opaque lining.  Comfy elasticated waistband with optional drawerstring.

Please order by dress size or waist measurement, and skirt length- custom length and waist is all included in the price. 

Fully machine washable and tumble dryer safe.


Photo shows petticoat with a historical overskirt which is not included in the price.

(+ postage: £5.80)

Purple Cobweb Petticoat

Gorgeous sparkly purple cobweb petticoat.... what more could a girl want?

Three layers: Top layer in purple sparkle cobweb- trimmed with narrow black lace, middle layer stiff black tulle, and plain opaque black lining.

Soft, comfy elasticated waistband, optional ribbon drawstring as well (great if your weight fluctuates, or your friend borrow your clothes).

Please order by dress size or waist measurement... and custom length to suit you (each skirt is hand made for you). 

Great as an underskirt to add some oomph! But could you really hide all that prettiness away???


NOTE: These petticoats are all handmade by me. I can make them in any size or length as explained above (black petticoat). I don't charge extra for this service. 

If you don't like the purple, I also have the Cobweb tulle/lace in plain black (which is stunning) or in sparkly black.  For either of these options you could have a coloured middle layer (looks great with red).

(+ postage: £5.80)

Short petticoat

18-20 inches long (two tiers), two layers of heavily ruffled tiered black net, with black lining and elasticated waistband.

Custom waist size (ANY) no extra charge.

Fully machine washable, and tumble dryer safe


Message me if you want it in a different colour

Also available in cobweb net (top layer only): black on black, black sparkle on black or purple sparkle webs on black net, chocolate ... or any other tulle colour currently available- why not have a look at the neon zombie green version in our zombie photo shoot photo's on facebook?

(+ postage: £3.50)

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